Hanga Pitchfest

Hanga Innovation Awards

The Hanga Corporate and Public Innovation Awards are intended to recognise corporations and public sector institutions that have demonstrated exceptional innovation in their work. These awards will also give the public a chance to nominate and vote on solutions that have made a difference in their lives in order to encourage end-user-centered experience. Eligibility criteria for entry include:

  • Innovation must not be older than 2 years (since it became operational)
  •  For corporates, the company must be registered in Rwanda and have an annual turnover of more than RwF 100 Million

Hanga Innovation Awards Timeline

  • Nomination: 15th – 27th November
  • Voting: 1st -7th December
  • Awarding ceremony: 10th December

Hanga Corporate Innovation Awards

Corporates will have a chance to either submit their innovations or be nominated. Selection criteria for submitted corporate innovations will include:

  • Impact and reach of the innovation (e.g., satisfying new customer needs, optimizing existing processes/products, etc)
  • Level of disruption and ingenuity
  • Use of frontier technologies (eg. data analytics, AI, robotics, blockchain, etc)
  • Use of local content (e.g. in-house or Rwandan-based developers vs outsourcing to non-Rwandan companies)


Hanga public innovation awards

Public sector institutions will either have a chance to submit their innovations or be nominated. Selection criteria for submitted public innovations will include:

  • Service digitization and improved efficiency
  • Use of frontier technologies
  • Fostering the culture of innovation through PPPs
  • Improving reliability of online/remote services
  • Implementing innovative policies and projects