Hanga Pitchfest

Hanga Innovation Awards Public Voting

As a member of the Rwandan public, which of these solutions has made your life the easiest? Which one wins your vote? Which solution do you think is the most innovative? Please let us know by voting for the best solution from each of the Public and Corporate Innovation Awards categories below. Get your voice heard!


Corporate Nominees

A revolutionary credit service that provides access to working capital to SPENNs low- and middle-income users, with the first 14 days interest-free and without fees. It leverages data from the Credit Reference Bureau and previous lending history to establish credit scores while providing instant payment to approved loan applications and simplifying the loan application process to less than 5 minutes. So far, more than 8000 loans have been disbursed.

A guard management system that uses NFC, (eventually) fingerprint, and/or facial recognition technologies to take attendance of guards in real time. It allows supervisors to monitor their staff using geo-location data, integrated into the Finance and Admin systems for automated computing of performance-based rewards and dues. So far, 2000+ have been onboarded, with the goal to expand to all ISCO and its subsidiaries.

The project uses drones to map out potential mosquito breeding sites and later spray them with BTI larvicide. The project reduced mosquito larvae by 92.8% and saw a 90.6% decrease in reported malaria cases. After a successful pilot in Jabana, this initiative was expanded to Rugende and later adopted in Cote dIvoire too. Next year, itll be scaled to Kamonyi, Huye, Rusizi, and Nyamasheke.

A business management system that allows MSMEs and large corporates to digitize their business activities, from collecting payments from customers, paying salaries and bills, viewing reports and statements, purchasing bulk airtime fares, and more. The platform complements the success of MoMo Pay, with 15k+ transactions facilitated and 1.2k+ users.

A mobile application that allows truck drivers and machine operators to monitor their performance while allowing customers to track resource utilization on their projects to enhance project planning and cost control. It aims to reduce human errors in data entry and minimize daily revenue leakages initially caused by using paper-based timesheets. So far, the platform is being used by 200+ drivers, operators, and vendors and is deployed to over 60 clients’ construction projects around the country.

Public Nominees

A network of automated speed cameras that measure and penalize speeding and other traffic rule violations in real time. The systems integration with other national databases allows for instant notification and payment, resolving problems of document confiscation, long wait times, and human error.

An application that uses blockchain, fingerprint, camera, and signature pad in the process of land transfers in order to reduce the time taken during transactions while increasing security in the transfer. The pilot phase has been completed in Gasabo district, with 200+ land sales effectuated.

A platform that allows timely sharing of medical records to better inform decision-making at the point of care, hence enabling providers to avoid readmissions and medication errors, improve diagnoses, and decrease duplicate testing. The platform is being piloted in Byumba and Kibagabaga Hospitals in addition to private health centers, before scaling across the country.

An online system that connects users to real-time air quality data sourced from 23 air quality monitoring stations across the country. The information is accessible to the public through a simple site visit and can be requested by experts for research purposes.